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Gwendolyn Payton

Gwendolyn took her first paddle board yoga class 10 years ago and fell immediately in love with everything about it! She has been teaching on the water ever since.  Coming to yoga from a dance background, Gwendolyn brings joy to partnering with students to help them maximize the multitudes of benefits of a yoga practice on the water. Gwendolyn began studying yoga in 2000 and has been teaching yoga for over a decade throughout the Seattle area.

Drawing from extensive studies in classical and modern dance, Pilates, Gyrotonics® and other modalities, Gwendolyn brings her love of movement to teaching yoga in a clear, effective and efficient way.  Gwendolyn’s classes are prefect for both absolute beginners to yoga and/or the paddle board, as well as experienced practitioners of both.  She offers customized classes to meet the needs of the student, focusing on alignment, conditioning, and most if all, fun!  The paddle board is an amazing way to learn about our own mental process, alignment issues and to connect with this beautiful place we live.

Ben Grieshaber

I fell in love with this floating yoga practice when I began taking classes at WASUP Yoga in the summer of 2011. Each time I came to my board on the water I was offered a new challenge and a unique experience. Whether attempting crow pose on a buoyant surface or observing a fish flopping onto and off of my mat right before my very eyes, I discovered that each journey on the water is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gunna get!

Marinating in the flow of this practice gives me a sense of wonder and excitement. Add a splash of the sights, smells and sounds of nature, and I’m constantly reminded of the greater flow that is life. I am eternally grateful to share this practice with you!

Jay Holby

Jay Holby grew up around yoga with trips to Kripalu Yoga Center on the East Coast as a kid.

His mother Karen has taught Kripalu style yoga for close to 40 years in his home state of Ohio. After competing in track and soccer as an intercollegiate athlete, Jay was initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga. In 1995, he started a career in personal training and has been helping people of all fitness levels lead more active, enjoyable lives.

A trip back to Kripalu for a week long pranayama workshop as an adult opened the door further and deepened his mental and spiritual side of the practice. He loves the intertwining of the outer and inner journeys that practicing/teaching yoga can bring to your life.

Jay believes there is room in everyone’s practice for humor and laughter, hard work and dedication, patience and acceptance.

He supplements his regular yoga practice with yearly yoga retreats to various locations to unwind, recharge, and learn!

Louise O'Sullivan RN, LMP, LAc




Louise O'Sullivan enjoyed her first paddle board yoga class with WASUP Yoga in the summer of 2023 and fell in love with everything about it.  She has taught yoga for more than twenty years and being on a paddle board, surrounded by the beauty of nature in this sacred waterway, was and is an exquisite experience.


Drawing from her passion for movement, dance, human connection, and nature, her intention is to create a class experience that fosters community, encourages creativity, allows for safe exploration of movement, and relishes in the healing aspects of nature. She is excited to paddle, move, breathe, and laugh with you!

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