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  • I've never paddle boarded before. Can I do this?
    Yes! With the exception of one "Advanced SUP Yoga" class, all of our classes include a short lesson on SUP basics before we head into the water.
  • Will I fall in?
    Maybe. Falling in happens…on paddle boards, on the Earth, in life. Our exploration lifts off when we touch down and observe the mind’s tendencies when falling happens. The practice is to jump back onto the board and give every movement, every breath 100%. And we'll be there with you to cheer you on and you get back up!
  • I've never tried yoga before. Can I do this?
    Yes! One of the many beauties of yoga is that each practitioner is free to take things at their own pace. If you remain mindful of your breath while laying down for the entire class, you will still be in perfect practice. That being said, classes have been designed to be accessible to all levels, giving newer practitioners options to ease into postures and seasoned yogis and yoginis options to deepen postures, affording everyone the opportunity to kiss their ever-changing edge of challenge.
  • Does this take a lot of core strength...I'm not feeling my strongest just now?
    It is a lot of core work…and, you can do it! We find that building a strong and flexible body and mind are the side effects of enjoying movement melded with breath on the beautiful Puget Sound. By being completely in the moment, surrounded by nature and your supportive peers, you will gain a strong core without meaning to. How’s that for accidentally on purpose?!
  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Yes. Because the body needs to move freely on the board, we do not wear life vests or the board’s ankle leash during the yoga practice portion of class. If you fall in, you must be able to tread water, swim back to your board, and climb back on…and, smile (if you’re into the advanced version of the "fall In posture").
  • What should I wear?
    You can wear any clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. Your feet and legs will definitely get wet as we take the boards into the water from the beach AND your upper half could also get wet from lying on the board or even falling in (see above :-)). So opt for clothes that you're ok introducing to the salt water. You might also go for a wetsuit and booties ($5 rental fee for classes) please wear a swimsuit to wear underneath. When the much-welcomed sun is warming up Seattle, kissing the shore goodbye in a swimsuit is welcomed. We recommend a few downward facing dogs in the mirror at home to ensure your comfort and modesty needs are met. Always having a sweatshirt on hand can be a lifesaver when it’s time for the final relaxation on the board and or the weather suddenly cha-cha-changes. For traversing asphalt, grass, pebbles and shells, water-safe shoes are recommended (i.e., flip-flops, water sandals or sexy aqua socks). Once the yoga practice begins you can stow your shoes on the board. Lastly, and most importantly, sun protection is recommended even on the cloudiest of days. Check your sunglass stash and bring the pair that you don’t mind sacrificing to the high seas or secure them to yourself with a super-cool string. If it’s too much work to pack for this event, worry not- Surf Ballard sells affordable sunglasses, string attachments, swimsuits, flip flops...and super awesome WASUP Yoga hoodies!
  • How much does a class cost?
    Single classes cost $36 — and we have a wide variety of passes to accommodate those who want to partake more frequently. You can find out all about our passes here.
  • What is included in the cost?
    The use of stand up paddle boards and attached life jackets, paddles (we’d be up a creek without them), a short SUP lesson, a guided paddle and yoga lesson. Wetsuits and booties are complimentary for those who purchase their class/class pass at full price. If you’ve scored a super-duper discount through a promotional deal, we must charge a rental fee for wetsuits and booties. The good news- the rental fee is only $5!
  • If I bring my own SUP board and paddle, is there a discount?"
    Positively! Your class cost will be reduced by $5.00.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Because we keep the classes limited to 8 people to afford each student specialized attention, it is important that you notify us of a cancellation 24 hours before the class start time so that someone else can take your place. It it's within 24 hours, you'll forfeit your pass/class. To cancel or reschedule your class, please log into your account on the website or app and enjoy the autonomy of managing your classes! If you’d like to cancel your class within the 24 hour cut off period, a refund/rescheduling will not be possible but an email would be greatly appreciated by your fellow classmates so that your place can be used.
  • Where do I meet for class?
    You'lll meet at 6300 Seaview Ave NW. WASUP Yoga is housed in Surf Ballard and is next door to Un Bien's pink and green building. Head on inside when you arrive to check in and get oriented.
  • How early should I arrive for my class?
    What a wonderful question—thank you! On the day of your class, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class start time. We want to make sure that there is plenty of time for you to coordinate gear, suit up, go to the bathroom, get your bearings—and still get a full hour of practice in. Please know your ship will sail if you are not present by the start of class.
  • Is parking available?
    Certainly! Our small parking lot is shared with the ever popular and delectable Un Bien restaurant. When the parking lot is full, street parking is plentiful. Please do not park across the street in the Ballard Elk’s lot. You'll risk a ticket/tow and that'd be a bummer after a sweet practice.
  • Where can I leave my valuables during class?
    Please leave your most valued valuables at home and lock the rest in your car. You are welcome to leave your car keys with a Surf Ballard staff member behind the front desk. Surf Ballard and WASUP Yoga are not responsible for loss or damage to personal items.
  • Do you have showers and a place to change?
    We sure do! The shower is a quirky, rustic outdoor warm water (for the first 10 minutes) shower. Please bring a towel and any necessary toiletries. There is also another changing room inside Surf Ballard.
  • What about weather like rain and wind?
    We will still be out enjoying the verdant Northwest under lightly rainy clouds. We embrace the reality of Seattle weather by donning wet suits and building internal heat with an active paddling and yoga practice. If a storm is a brewin’ and the wind and rain prove to be too strong for a practice, WASUP Yoga will contact you by phone at least one hour before your class start time. Please be sure to include the best phone number to reach you at when registering online for classes.
  • Are you available for privates?
    Totally! Email us at to talk some more!
  • How many people are in a class?
    Eight beautiful souls!
  • May I bring my child and/or dog?
    Children 12 years old and up are welcome to take the WASUP Yoga class with a parent or guardian, at the regular price. Otherwise, we do not currently provide services for caring for the mini SUP yogis. Likewise, there is no onsight care for the furbabies on shore and they might cramp your yoga space on the board. So please do the kind thing for them and leave them home in their safe space.
  • May I bring a camera?
    Of course. We ask that you check in with the group before taking pictures that might include others. WASUP Yoga is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items. Please take every precaution to keep your camera safe and well on the water.


Below you'll find a number of frequently asked questions. Browse the drop-downs or click on the search function on the right. If you still can't find the answers to your questions, know that we are here for you in these other ways too! 

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